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Thread: Sygate Personal Firewall Pro Version 5.x

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    Hi! I have recenlty downloaded and installed Sygate Personal Firewall Pro version 5. In this newest version of firewall, they still haven't include MD5 checks. However, they did include a host lot of new protection features like Anti-IP Spoof. I not sure if there was a post about this new product from Sygate.

    What? Sounds Like I'm advertising again? I'm not! Here why I post this thing here.

    Remember there was this post about all personal firewall's outbound protection/dectection security flaws? (quite a while back) I want to download those softwares mentioned in the post and test it agaist this new firewall. WHY? This new firewall got this DLL autherication things that checks what files or DLLs are in-use by the program and upon chages, it warns you about it. Doesn't anyone remember the links to the downloads of these security (outbond) flaw test softwares?

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    Well, I had it working for a bit... and now, for some reason, with security at "Normal", all applications given full reign, and no custom rules, I'm still in a state of network limbo. I have to go to "Allow all" in order to do anything. Has anyone else had this problem? There might be something I've missed... I dunno.
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