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    Question for you folks?

    How can I send a message to another computer on the red,
    If I only now the Ip?

    I now about a program on windows 95.98.Me versions, called
    "Winpopup", but I running on Xp and is not on xp version. anyway....

    Someone now a better and easy Way to do this?

    help please!

    ------------Thank you All--------------

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    I think you may be able to do that with net send, but the other computer has to have messenger service enabled...

    net send \\IP msg

    I think that's the syntax for it...

    hope that helps
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    Another computer on the "red"? If we assume you mean another computer on a NetBios/NetBEUI-enabled LAN, then yes, you can probably use the "net send" on a non-9x/ME system... but if the recieving computer is NOT a XP/NT box, then they will probably have to have Winpopup already running in order to recieve your message.
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