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Thread: linux help

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    linux help

    I just put up SuSE 6.1 and it was a pretty intense moment after about 3 days of figuring things out.My first linux! But that was on an old 486 i have. I really want to put mandrake 8.1 on my compaq, but for some reason, it won't do it. I think it has to do with some built in video card so i put a compatible one in and it still gets the same problems. Does any one know why this is?

    And one more thing, how do you exit a man page?

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    Compaq uses proprietary hardware where they embed chips into the hard drives, cdroms, and other devices to ensure that you use only their stuff. See example below:

    1: Win98 comes out.
    2: Compaq owners are d3l1ght3d! They rush out to buy an off-the-shelf copy for 200 bucks.
    3: They come home and gl33fully install it. Everything runs fine through the install.
    4: Windows says you have to reboot, so they reboot.
    5: Windows never comes up...

    Why? Because Compaq users have to have Compaq's version of Windows with all their proprietary shite. Else, it won't work, and you're taking your compaq to a nearby certified compaq repair site. It might have something to do with that but unless I could sit down in front of your machine, it could be anything. Good job on the vid card troubleshooting.

    To exit a man page, hit :q (yes, shift ; and then q). Escape might work as well, on some distros.
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    if i would have known compaq was such a priority nazi i would have never got the thing! Thank you for that information.

    shift q, haha! i'm an idiot for not figuring that out that one!

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