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Thread: re laptop t22 help

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    hmmm well i juz tried this few mins ago and it worked but its too damn risky....

    shock your HDD with a "light" amount of voltage... 12volts and up... the light voltage would reset the password back to i think "password"...

    downfall.. i blew up 3 HDD for me to get the right amount of voltage..

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    Re iluvpu55y: Use some good search tool like Copernic 2001 Pro to search for the possibilty of a GOD mode "technician" password or something similar... Many firms use some kind of standard super-passwd on all their products for maintenance purposes...

    Cause Antihaxor confirmed that it's not the HDD but something in the BIOS, changing HDD's would not help. Perhaps you can try to replace/change the BIOS...? LOL
    Or call the last owner to ask for the passwd, or IBM, and say that you have lost the passwd (or stolen a laptop?)

    And about your nickname: iluvpu55y
    I could take this one insulting, especially when pu55y does not like you.

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    t22 help

    louie you got to be ****ing kidding me shocking the hd will remove the password LOL!!
    did you mother have any kids with out brain damage ****ing idot!!
    antichat & louie are probley connected at the scull they both share a ****ing brain!

    well i gathered that alow level format is the way i should go.
    its nice to know when people need some help they can come here and get stupid people advise

    thanks iluvpu55y "no more **** rolls out of your mouth again your brain is now jelatin " metalica

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