Hello to everyone. Well, I'm quie new to this site, but as far as I can see, I think this is great site . Let me introduce myself.

I'm 19 years old lil boy from earth (so they claim). I've been interested of programming since I was like 12 or something. I've made few games and stuff with programming. I program with C++ and I know a little bit of Assembly too., some Pascal and little bout some other languages too. I'm learning to be a hacker, yes, or maybe cracker (to me 'crackers' are those programming whizkidz, and that's what I want to become ). No, of course I'm not planning to do any criminal cracks . Just for theory (yeh right...) I am also interested a lot about network security and stuff like that. And I have a lust to know anything and everything there is to know in this world

Now after the boring usual stuff... Well, I'm quite lonely boy. I write poems and I love to read other people's poems. I play guitar and I love to listen to all kinds of music. Especially Nightwish!!! Yeh, Nightwish rulezzzz foreva!!!! I am true christian as far as I can explain what's true christian. So, actually, I don't want to do any crimes or immoral thigs with my comp. skills, cause they are against my faith. Well, that's all bout me for now.

So, could I really learn something in here? hummmm... I hope so...

"I want to sail the oceans
Of my secret fantasies
I want to kiss the moment
Of eternity"