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Thread: ISP Forced Out of Business by DoS

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    Post ISP Forced Out of Business by DoS

    Originally posted on
    flyhmstr writes "According to a report on ISPReview Cloud 9 have been forced off line and out of business thanks to the actions of crackers deciding to go play with some DoS tools." It's only getting worse. The kids are getting more and more aggressive as time goes on and it gets easier and easier to launch a large scale DoS. As any techie knows, fixing the problem is far easier said then done... but as a frequent recipient of the sharp end of the DoS stick, I sure wish it wasn't an issue.
    I couldn't read the report on ISPReview myself, I guess it got slashdotted, but a copy of the report can be found in the threads at slashdot. The (British) ISP was attacked itself and was therefor unable to provide service to its customers... My first thought was that the IPS had been taken offline by some gouvernmental descission, but no, they were just dos'ed out of service...

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    DoS my arse

    Well, Cloud 9 may have had a DoS attack but then every ISP has to bear that.

    Truth is that they were an unbelievably shitty company with truly awful customer service and an attitude to their customers that pushed the boundaries of what was legally acceptable, shall be say.

    The DoS thing is merely a cover story - there have been signs for months that the outfit was on its last legs, and good riddance too.

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    DDoS bots are so easy to make these days that it amazing about how many morons will download the file KiddyPornPics.scr

    If u dont belive me go ahead and try on a news server
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    DDoS bots are so easy to make these days that it amazing about how many morons will download the file KiddyPornPics.scr
    I'm gathering you're trying to say "DDoS bots are so easy to make these days" and "it's amazing how many morons will download the file KiddyPornPics.scr", correct?

    Based on these two sentences, I would say that the first shows a flaw in how network traffic is handled if indeed it's that easy and the second shows just how many sick fscks there are out there.

    Glad I don't use anything related, don't want to use it, and don't care one way or another until someone starts pounding on my ports and then they get shut down, traced, and reported. It's the same thing when Code Red was prevalent (and still is). My linux box had over 7000 attempts at the installation and abuse of the CR exploit, with over 800 individual servers.

    Moral of the story: it's easy to write bad code for exploits or forget what your program can be vulnerable to, but ****, when does it ever slow down? Can't these fsckers do something better with their time?
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    Yeah, but the problem with this ISP was that they couldn't handle the DoS attacks, or probably security in general, combined with an awful record in customer service which will have led to a decreasing customer base.

    So basically, they just didn't have the resources and skill to manage an ISP properly. It's not as if they're the only people in the world the script kiddies have had a go at, as it?

    This DoS thing is just a cover story - they don't want to admit how crap they were

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