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Thread: ibm think pad t22 help!

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    ibm think pad t22 help!

    well igot two ibm thinkpads "t22" they have the new power on password and the hd password securty. i got passed the power on password by removing the backup battery for 15 mins and it reset the cmos or power on password, but now i need to get by the hd password. now keep in mind the hd password is not the os password. can you help or know some one that can?
    thanks iluvpu55y "if you can build it we can take it apart"

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    We usually throw our drives on a CSC drive workstation for a good low level format, that seems to be the only way we've found to wipe that password clean. IBM will tell you you need a new drive.

    DOH!!! could be worse, at least the new T20/21 and A20 series will let you clear the power on and supervisor passwords by removing the battery, the older thinkpad 600's use to require you to jumper two little pads in the memory compartment with a paper clip while powering it on (annoying even).

    Give the drive a good low level format, if that doesnt work... hope the drive goes band and get it replaced under warr. good luck
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