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Thread: business case - Oracle on Linux

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    Exclamation business case - Oracle on Linux

    considering putting this database on linux server. Any issues to know about?

    My preference would be solaris but I'm willing to give Lx a try for the first time.

    It would be nice to get lx in for this since some of us use it only for desktop type use, however, I'll need the more stable distros.

    Comments invited.

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    Lightbulb Re: Business case

    Well, I don't know what issues you're refering to but I just thought I'd throw in my two cents.
    Since 0racle is compatable on UNIX my guess is that it's compatable with Linux.
    I'm not sure about solaris but if it dosen't werk out on Lx, give it a shot. Pick out what ever distro. of Lx you want to use and try it out. If it dosen't werk, you can always try solaris.


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    Yes, you can download Oracle 9i from Oracle's site. Do you really need an Enterprise class database? Oracle can be very difficult to set up and can take years to learn (really!) - have you considered the orders of magnitude inferior, but easier to set up MySQL and PostGreSQL?

    You might also want to consider IBM DB2 if you really need Enterprise class performance and features.


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    Where I work we run Silverstream and also Oracle. Having it on run on a box with SuSE whas an option but the boss wants Solaris because he thinks it has better support.
    Altough if you get SuSE they can give you professional support as well. And itīs cheaper because you donīt need a Sparc.

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    thx for your posts. I have worked with redhat and suse before but not with a database on it.
    Also been an asst dba with sql, sybase and oracle in the past. These were on ms, solaris but, not lx. So, keymoo - I think we are going to need an ent class after all due to it needing horsepwr and available across wan links for 100's of users. <sigh> and , you know, you're right - oracle is not the easiest one to get. I only had a couple of months on it before.
    Focmaester - when you say prof support - does that mean they sell a software maint agreement? That would be cool and balance suse against solaris somewhat.

    RA - appreciate input but probably don't /won't have too much time for experimenting with lx distros on this one.


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