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Thread: securing my Win Xp pc box

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    Question securing my Win Xp pc box

    i have a new comp YaY me ... NOT... it came w/ XP for the OS, i am connected to the web with a cable modem so my comp is almost connected to the web 24/7.
    What is the best way to secure it.. i have nortons 2k2 antivirus, and firewall... but someone was telling me i could do more to secure my pc ... any suggestions ?
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    You could do a ton of things...encrypt and back up everything you own on there asa you get it...get another firewall...get zonealarm...make sure all of your software is up to date...and other common sense stuff.

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    Well.... Ill send you a few links I have for the best firewalls I know.... And if you want your presence online to be totally hidden from the rest of the internet... WINXP has a feature called personal firewall... I think you right click the active conection and in the menu there is a 'Security' tab... Click that and then click on 'Enable Personal Firewall' or something.. Hope this helps (By the way.. the best firewall, in my opinion is a hardware firewall.... not software)

    ZoneAlarm Description Download

    BlackICE Description Download

    Tiny Personal Firewall Description Download

    Sygate Personal Firewall Description Download

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    there is this feature in xp, remote assistance, which will allow a friend or tech support to connect to your pc to help you with your pc problems. it is enabled by default.

    if you dont plan to use it. do disable it.

    1. open system in control panel.
    2. on the remote tab, click settings.
    3. clear the check box labeled allow this computer to be controlled remotely.


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    lol hmm there is one thing MOST ppl 4get about securing their box..

    Downloading those patches!!!

    already i have read tons of articles on WinXP's security flaws and well they offer patches for them but only a few seems to be bothering to d/l them...

    make it a habbit to d/l patches if ur a windows user.. there is bound to be new patches every 2 weeks or so..

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    as what my experienced told me...
    to be better secure is not to
    connect on a lan and internet alike...
    it is theorized by a man from berekely,
    i don't who he was... but i think and
    logically true...
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    of course you have dl'd the upNp fix right????...

    make windows update your homepage...
    get a hardware firewall...lots out there for <LTE> 150 bucks
    don't run xp as admin...(i believe you DO have a choice....)...for that matter don't run anything as admin...except for install and maintenance...
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    Basically if you dont have file and print shareing enabled your ok.
    I really cant see how anyone would be able to get in unless you accidently
    open up an attachment and it just happens to be a trojan,other than that I dont really see
    a threat if file and print shareing is off.

    However it's always good to be safe so I use Blackice for my win2k box,it's ok for a firewall
    but it cost $40 well worth it ,IMHO.You can maybe d/l it from somewhere but I wouldn't just to be safe.


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    Aaah I just love XP and it's security flaws

    • Dl all patches available for your system and install them.
    • If you not are planning to have filesharing from/to your machine, then got to tcp/ip settings and disable netbios over tcp/ip.
    • If you not are planning to use uPnP then make sure to disable it, there are removal tools available for that. If you don't want to disable it make sure to patch it (top priority).
    • Don't run more protocolls then you need to, the same with services.
    • Close those ports you don't plan to use with XP's personal firewall.
    • Get a "self learning" personal firewall i.e. ZoneAlarm.
    • Get a good AV software.
    • Get a trojan scan, just incase or as a preventive task.
    • There are lot's of things to think on but I'll maybe post a tutorial in how to secure windows 2000 and XP if I can find some time to translate it to english .
    • I can send it to all swedish speaking here at AO as it is, when the tutorial are ready to be published .

    Check out these MS sites and RTFM --> Microsoft Security , Windows XP Newsgroups , Security How-Tos .

    And finally read all other nice posts in this thread and visit windows update as often as possible.

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