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Thread: securing my XP box

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    Question securing my XP box

    i have nortons2k2 firewall, and anti virus, but someone was telling me there were better wayz to protect my comp... i am cable connected, so i am online most of the time, anyone have any suggestions? Thanx
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    I too use the XP OS on one of my boxes. I have "secured" it with zone alarm available in both the freeware version and the pro version at I am dial up right now b/c they don't offer DSL in the area I moved too. I have two lines and am online most of the time too. I found that people have been probing at my XP box for some time now. Nobody has suscessfully passed the firewall (I think). When I had DSL, this is what I used too. My normal practice is to keep all my "sensitive" data on a slave drive that I disconnect when I'm not in need of it. Even if someone was able to gain access to my PC, all they could do is get some mp3s and maybe plant a virus or trojan or something. If you are going to go about it this way, you may want to look into getting a USB drive, as removing the case and plugging in the drive is somewhat of a pain.

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