Kim 'Kimble' Schmitz, self-styled 'uber hacker' and front man for the Young Intelligent Hackers Against Terror network, has had his plans to stage an online suicide thwarted by the authorities.
Following a fall from being a 'hacking hero' to a laughing stock Schmitz, who claimed to have hacked Osama bin Laden's bank details said that "enough is enough" and threatened to commit suicide online today.

But his potential last headline grabbing act was thwarted after German authorities arrested him on Friday afternoon outside the Grand Hyatt Erawan hotel in Bangkok in relation to a string of financial crimes.

According to German newspaper Der Spiegel, Schmitz was arrested in relation to an insider trading deal which saw him turn $370,000 worth of shares into $1.5m. Schmitz is billed to appear at an immigration hearing today.

A message on his website claims that he was set to do himself in at around 4:15pm. A self-appreciating monologue details the fall of a "super-brain" and "internet tycoon" to a "braggart, trickster and fraud".

It now seems unlikely that Schmitz will get to carry out his threat.