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Thread: Slackware rules

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    Cool Slackware rules

    After being spoiled by Red Hat (problemless installation) and SuSE (YAST and YAST2 and SAX and SAX2)..
    I finaly found a linux distro that realy feels like it should..

    After cursing about it on for a while, I now finaly have it function... and how..

    everything I never could get to work ith RH nor SuSE

    USB mouse + wheel (wheel works in KDE and GNOME)
    Antialiased TTF support for KDE
    SoundBlaster Live! surround...
    VooDoo3 accellerated graphics...
    Windows games with WineX

    You name it....

    After two years of advertising for SuSE as being the best.....

    Slackware is my new favorite distro...

    Got slack?

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    I´m glad you found a distro that suits you, but me? SuSE! RULEZ!

    SuSE! 7.2 Networking Professional, I love it.

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    I agree with Focmaester.. SuSE is my personal choice .

    But I have to admit that I'm currently looking at (read: "tries to learn") FreeBSD and OpenBSD aswell and likes what I see, a bit hard to learn though. But I guess it's worth the effort and brain pain in the end

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    I agree with you the_jinx Slackware kicks butt.

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