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Thread: Sub7 Is Not Useless As Thought

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    *backs away from the keyboard* Let it all out, MC! Let it out! Hehe...I agree, there are definitely *real* tools compared to what some idiot came up with. Whoever made it has some definitive talent but I doubt they're doing that fulltime. Who knows, some never learn.
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    Exclamation SUB 7

    <<<//+== What Vorlin and Matty said,

    thanx now i dont have to type all that **** ;D...............
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    Re: Yup

    Originally posted by Dr Toker
    I don't care what anyone says?What program was there when i didnt know what an ip and port were. What Program taught me when no other "hacker" would tell me a word?What ****ing program was there when I made that first connection, and my heart started racing?What program was there when i figured out that you can set up different servers such as FTp
    and Proxy and telnet?What program was it that taught me all about the structure of the internet, and directing data?Sub Seven 2.0 was dammit.
    I'll have to go with Vorlin on this one, haven't you ever heard of certain an amazing overlooked technology? Here's a hint, it's a technology involving a cellulose-based thin-film media which is usually read-only, and it is optically scanned in order to extract the data. It requires no power, is EXTREMELY backwards-compatible, and requires no special hardware.

    We call them books.

    The trojan-class variety of remote administration tools... I remember first messing with them. It felt undeniably cheap, somehow. Anyway, I doubt any of them really teach people anything except how to feel "l33t" compared to their less-technical friends. Or did this version of Subseven have some humungous help file? You don't need to resort to a level of cyber-pickpocketry in order to learn about the environment.
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