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Thread: Antipoints posting suggestion (no really)

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    Antipoints posting suggestion (no really)

    I just noticed, I received a gray point and in the comment field was a comment 'my flame'. Now, regardless of whether or not I know who it is (which won't ever be done, I'm well aware of that fact), I have no idea if they're posting positive or negative to my post.

    Suggestion: take out the red/gray/green squares and put in a + or - sign or something similar to show what they picked. It's rare to get gray ones but it'd be informative nonetheless.

    Just thought I'd throw in something...
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    Re: Vorlin

    I would prefer to keep the red and green ones, but put a + or - inside the grey ones.
    Or is this impossible?

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    AFAIK grey ones really do mean "no impact"... Although, yes, it would be nice to see what they were INTENDED to be, as well as whether they actually influenced your rating. <shrug> You can always click on the comment (if it exists) and go to the post that the AP was given from. Then, if you click on the Antipoint assignment link below your post, you'll see a list of points (ones that have comments) and at the top of the window it will say if the post is even, negative, or positive, in terms of net antipoints assigned through it.
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    Re: Terr

    There's something wrong with 'your' method... if I look to old posts with positive AO points for (I saw them in my AO points list) the post status says nevetheless... "the AO point level for this post is even" (when it has to be positive, cause the only points to it were pos. ones) and the dot for the pos. points
    Is this a bug? Has some1 else the same experience?

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    Greetings All:

    Grey AntiPoints have NO impact on your total, and is the system's way of showing that a user's attempt to assign you AntiPoints has been denied. Since it was denied, there isn't any "positive" or "negative" value associated with it, because the system never lets the designation get that far. You can think of grey antipoints as a "permission denied" designation for a certain user's attempt to assign you points.

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