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Thread: Is it true....

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    Is it true....

    is it true that my ip address changes everytime i go online, if so, what is the big deal about people finding you when you hack into there system? (meaning if they get your ip?) im confused!!!

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    Most ISPs use DHCP, yes. Some ISPs (like mine), however use static IPs, which means they don't change.

    I'm a little fuzzy on some of this, so don't take it as God's word (but you can think of me as God, if you wish ). One way you can be found on a dynamic ISP is through your DNS (domain name server) name. Even though your IP changes every time you log on to your ISP, your DNS name remains constant.

    Things get a lot more complicated than that, but I'm no uberhacker, and I'm too lazy to go any further into it right now.

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    All dial up modem ip #'s change. Cable modem ip #'s do not change. Thats all I have to say about that....

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    One thing to add to that, supposedly the DSL line at our office is dynamic(meaning it changes from time to time) but everytime I check it, it is still the same.(Maybe because we never shut down that connection) Our DSL provider claims that it costs more to get static IP's. I have been told that most cable providers are the same, but I have no proof of that.

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    The bottom line is, it depends on your ISP. There are no hard-and-fast rules of unshakable reality behind IP addresses. There is only a TREND. Usually dial-up addresses tend to be dynamic, meaning that there is a good chance that your IP address will not be constant between dial-in sessions. Usually the broader-band connections such as DSL and cable will tend to have static IP addresses.

    But there still isn't anything keeping an ISP from giving you a static dial-up address, or a changeable Cable IP.
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    whoops... he he
    we swayed to static vs. dynamic IP's instead of answering the question here....

    Okay, I'm not a massive forensics guru, however all IP's are pretty much documented as to who has them. One can also use some simple tools and knowhow to find out what network you are on as well (traceroute, ping, nslookup, whois, yadda yadda yadda).

    If your coming from 207.217.x.x I know your on some node belonging to Earthlinks network. Usually hitting a couple of IP's in range with what your trying to find (providing theres no host.domain name already) will get you a host on the same network (ISP web server, mail etc) that you can pull a domain name from.

    a simple whois and you get the registrant of that domain name, a call to the ISP and you can usually get ahold of a little more information. It is a long and drawn out process yes, but not impossible. In fact it's quite simple, just cumbersome. Some ISP's create C records (hostname records in a nameserver) for each dynamic IP they hand out, simply for tracking and ease of support. Technically, even an IP is not needed if your local to your target. The last hack attempt I researched was easily traced to a former employee. He simply created an account with his handle, and we happened to know his handle. duh!

    hope that helps (hope its readable even!)
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    Re: Is it true....

    Originally posted by XAcidist
    what is the big deal about people finding you when you hack into there system?
    I've never been a big fan of anyone but me getting into my system, but it's up to you....(BTW: you can upload programs that'll email you when they get online telling you there ip address)

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