Okay here we go even! Anybody who's read my rants knows I'm super anal about patches and updates.... (is that a bad thing?). So on to the fun stuff!!

One of the firm's I am supporting is moving to a new accounting/inventory management system by a company called ICODE. I have a little familiarity with the (much) older version of the product in question and was wondering if any of yous out there have had any experience with the newer version (or any version for that matter)

The product is called Accware, version 5.0. It's a FoxPro based system running on NT/2K server side, and pretty much any M$ O/S client side. The older 3.0 version I'm familiar with ran on Dos client side. Before I give the thumbs up for this thing, and do massive migrations... I'm wondering if there is anything I should know that I havent already heard from ICODE (can you say biased?).

I do like the product (with the exception of the fact that I have to drop back to the 3.3 version in dos to run any integrity checking over the database) and I know the older version to be quite stable. The thing runs on TCP/IP (of course) and uses Advantage Database Server to help it along. Wanna get all my ducks in a row here before I meet with both ICODE and my client for a final discussion and possible decision.

thx in advance even