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Thread: Email Snooping Tool

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    Question Email Snooping Tool

    Hey wassup. im new to all of this but i am trying to find out info on this prog that I saw on tv. It was a programme used to view unread emails on an ISP. This teenage guy had a copy on his PC and was saying how you can search for email by keywords etc. But the only emails you could view were unread one's on a specific ISP.
    Does anyone have any info or (even better) know where i can get a prog like this. I would so damn gratefull.

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    1. You posted your message three times to different forums. Don't do that kinda cross-posting with your messages. It's useless and annoying.
    2. Whose mails are you wanting to see at the server, your's or someone else's?

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    I believe it is called Carnivore or a newer version of it which might have a new name. Do a search on google, and you will get a ton of info.

    And can't get a copy since it is owned by the FBI.

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