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Thread: Microsoft really seems to change its security policy

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    Microsoft really seems to change its security policy

    Check out this link 4 the proof that m$ is tightning security.

    Click here


    What was my password again?

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    Erm... i don't get it?
    script language=\"M$cript\";
    function beginError(bsod) {
    return true; } = beginError;

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    Your password must be at least 18770 characters and cannot repeat any of your previous 30689 passwords. Please type a different password. Type a password that meets these requirements in both text boxes.
    Could you remember a 18770 char passwd?

    I sure as hell couldn't!

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    Well, I'm gathering that's a bogus error. If it didn't pass the dictionary check, it would return something like "Password is based on a dictionary word" and ask for another. There are a number of reasons why this scheme wouldn't work.

    1: passwords are only authenticated up to a certain length, with the most being 12 (I think). With that said, with good encryption on a *12* character alphanumeric password, it's gonna take a while to break that one. Most *nix boxes still run the usual login, which authenticates on the first 8 characters of the password, regardless of length. I don't know what MS does for this but if it's similar, then passwords greater than 8 won't be authenticated after the 8th character.

    2: storage of a password that length?! Holy shite... Add in the fact that it'd be encrypted and you're storing something greater than 20k chars...riiiiiight. Once again, bogus number.

    I'm guessing someone fat-fingered code at MS (big surprise there) and put in some outrageous numbers. They seem static if they posted the page with the message.

    Just my two cents.
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    Agreed - no one can remember a 18770 character length password - that's damn near impossible. This has to be a mistake on Microsoft's part (what, how could that happen, oh my god! ). Hell, a password with 20 characters would be hard enough to break - and it's partly feasible because I guess users could remember a 20 character password. Well, on second thought, SOME users could remember a 20 character password.
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    yeah... the article was saying that "if you get that error... here is how to fix it." it's a bug, not a new security measure. this was all stated in the article.

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    Lol! It looks to me like someone at MIT (or graduated from it) wanted to be funny... There is a reference to MIT in there, I'm not sure if they really mean something other than the university with the same Acronym, but getting that into the knowledge base would be a good "MIT Hack".
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