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    Question Apache Help

    Hey everyone at AO,

    Well I have been installing php and I wanted to choose Apache like most people do. Well so I select that it says at the end something like Sorry, unable to load apache because you have to do it manually, but I do not know how to do that. Could someone help me?

    I searched in google but didn't come up with very explanitory answeres.

    >Thanks everyone!
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    Have you tried to start the service?

    $ service httpd start

    I'm using RH7.3 and 8.0. Your syntax might be a bit different f you are using something else.
    Also, make sure you change it to start your service automagically at bootup.

    Its early... I might not have understood corectly.

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    On a standard *nix installation, you could simply use the apachectl script located in the /usr/local/apache/bin directory like this:

    /usr/local/apache/bin/apachectl start

    It might not be in that specific directory, so you may need to hunt around for it. To do a system-wide search for it, you would do something like this as root:

    find / -name apachectl -print

    You also might want to make sure that when you start apache, you are logged in as the user you want to run apache. Most people make an account on their system specifically for the web server (like web, www, or apache).
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