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Thread: sulfnbk.exe virus

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    Cool sulfnbk.exe virus

    A sulfnbk.exe virus alert surfaced in April 2001. The basic alert achieved immense popularity with gullible users by late-May 2001. Antivirus vendors declared it a hoax for the most part -- but categorizes it as a mass-hysteria urban legend...

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    i have recived emails bout this crap and its amazing how many stupid people would belive this crap. Some people are just so ignorant to belive anything they hear and because it is a fear in most people that they will go straight to listenin to the email as soon as they read it and its usually 99% crap. I dont exactly know what that exe file does cause i never did look it up but from what i hear 3 of my less educated friends deleted the file from thier computer and have yet to have any noticable errors but i betca sooner or later that exe file was important for sumthin. Anyone know what that exe file is or does or what versions of windows use it and which dont?

    thanx for any info on this even though its complete crap to me it may be helpfull to people i know.
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    I had a friend who fell for this hoax. She was a regular user, used the computer on occasion to check her e-mail and such. Well her friend fell for the hoax also and immeadiately sent out a letter to everyone in her address book notifying them about it. Since the letter came from a friend, she figured it must be true. So she went and deleted the file.

    This was a clever hoax. It wasn't a matter of trusting a file like most of the worms out there, it became a matter of trusting your friend's knowledge. And most users would just go trust their friend instead of doing some research on their own.

    People should just be happy that the file isn't that important. Maybe a hoax saying to delete and other system files would have caused a LOT more hysteria.
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    I know what you mean... I got the hoax when it first came out and didn't fall for it. Now like a week ago, a relative of mine emailed me the "warning", and I was !
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    now its still a hoax. just give it a thot, what if in future there is a new virii will infect it and use it to populate and infect other files in the puter? will anyone be thinking to look for it there in the first place that, that is the cause? it cld hv been any other win files. we know that virii just need to attached itself to the front of exe files.


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    The SULFNBK.exe file is a utility that comes with the Win98 OS that allows users to restore long file names. Thus, anyone using Win98 would find this file on their system.

    Now, the thing that set this hoax apart from others, is the Magistr virus ( ). This virus can pick .exe files at random in your Win system (they have to be smaller that 132K in length), infects them and sends them via email to other users registered in the Microsoft Outlook's address book.

    That means that if you have this file on your PC, chances are that it is a legitimate utility installed used your OS. But if you received by email, it could be a virus infected file.

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    i must say.. good post Angelic_Ky..
    did i say ur cute?? coz i think u are.. heheh

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