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Thread: CERT Advisory-Buffer Overflow in AOL ICQ

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    CERT Advisory-Buffer Overflow in AOL ICQ

    There is a remotely exploitable buffer overflow in ICQ. Attackers that are able to exploit the vulnerability may be able to execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the victim user. Full details are discussed in VU#570167.


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    From CERT---II. Impact
    A remote attacker can execute arbitrary code with the privileges of the victim user.

    From ICQ---
    A bug has been found in the ICQ Voice Video & Games feature for versions earlier than 2001b. To resolve any potential issue, we encourage you to upgrade to ICQ 2001b, where this problem is fixed, for better security and best use of ICQ.

    would you believe they're even talking about the same thing???.,...a BUG? me a bug is somethin that...i dunno...bsod's me or somethin annoying...something that potentially exposes me to anything an attacker wants to do is more than a's a major security flaw...

    we encourage you...for better are they thinkin...i mean i couldn't even find a link to this issue from the icq page...did find one for "Britney's New Movie on ICQ"...guess that's one of the reasons i tossed icq...

    irresponsible if ya ask me...course nobody did...
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