A member of the UK virus writing community has slammed recent analyst research as "full of irregularities and half truths".
Analyst mi2g recently released a study on the virus writing community claiming that they fit the stereotype of being fairly young, male and getting no commercial benefit from their activities.

But PaX, a member of the UK virus community, disputed the description. "I won't comment on others but I am 36 and happily married with three children," he said. "The average age of a virus programmer is 28 and none that I know of have green hair or a love of drugs and heavy metal music."

However, he did acknowledge that "the individuals that present the biggest threat are the new breed of virus modifier that have no programming skills and yet churn out various modifications to second rate macro viruses. There is your 'serial virus writer'. The ones with no skill or moral consideration for others."


PS. What does go on inside a Virus Coder's head??