Greetings All:

Well, as we continue to add more and more forums, each specific to its own topic, you may find that there are a lot of categories that you really don't care about. Some of you, for instance, might not give a rat's ass about the Public News Group forums, yet, you have to look at them each time you visit the forum home page.


You'll now notice, that next to each category of forums, there's a familiar little + and - sign. You may remember, that in each thread, posts that you've already read will automatically be collapsed for you (if you set that up under your "site options"). Well, if you "collapse" a forum category on the main forum page by clicking on the - , it will hide all of the sub-forums underneath it. Yes, the database will even keep track of your choices for you, so that next time you return, BAM, those Public News Groups won't even show up! If you ever decide that you want to start reading them, go ahead and click on the little + sign, and BAM again! This works on all forum categories, not just the Public News Groups.

The only catch is:

Browsers supported

Browsers unsupported
MS IE4 or earlier
Netscape 4 or earlier
Opera (all versions, Opera currently lacks correct support for .style or .css2properties)

Unsupported browsers will not loose, or gain anything, and this new feature should cause no issues with them at all.