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Thread: Talking with a LAMER...

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    <<<Here is a funny chat I had with a LAMER on last night>>>

    *lamer* Are you a HACKER?


    *lamer*What do you mean your not a hacker I see what your ranked in the cyberarmy zebulun.

    *FreeAgent*So whats your point?

    *lamer*So your a HACKER then!!!

    *FreeAgent*Ok what ever floats your boat buddie...

    *lamer*Cool so now that I know that your a HACKER tell me what am I doing now?

    *FreeAgent*Hmm hold on let me get out my crystal ball... ~~~~I see you talking to me~~~~

    *lamer*funny funny funny But really tell me what im doing right now...

    *FreeAgent*I dont know what your doing.

    *lamer*yes you do!

    *FreeAgent*Nope I really dont.

    *lamer*Why are you doing this to me?

    *freeAgent*What am I doing?

    *lamer*playing dumb!!!

    *FreeAgent*Im not playing dumb...

    *lamer*You told me you were a HACKER!!!

    *FreeAgent*Nope you sayed I was a HACKER. I sayed>>> Ok what ever floats your boat buddie

    *lamer*Now you pissed me off!!!!! Im a real HACKER and im going to kill you now!!!!!

    *FreeAgent*How are you going to kill me?

    *lamer*Well being that im kinda pissed im just going to nuke you for playing dumb... *FreeAgent*An IP nuke?

    *lamer*Yes an ip nuke!!!

    *freeAgent*So if your going to IP nuke me then that means you have my IP # right?


    *FreeAgent*Ok wow im really sorry for messing with your head. I can see now that you are a real Elite Hacker, But just tell me one thing before you nuke me away...

    *lamer*Ok whats your question?

    *FreeAgent*Whats my Ip #?

    *lamer*Im not going to tell you that!!!

    *freeAgent*Why not it's my IP #.... Why would you not want to tell me what it is?

    *lamer*b/c you dont know what your ip # is and I do. and now your going to die!!!!!

    *FreeAgent*Ok if that the way it has to be fine.... Kill me...

    *FreeAgent*When are you going to kill me?

    *FreeAgent*Im still not dead...

    *FreeAgent* LAMER

    LAMER *exit*

    Keepen it real

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    I'm goin to kill you too!) So beware!

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    Keepen it real

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    You should've told him your ip address was

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    this is what happened after the chat

    \ /


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    Very nice, good laugh for tonite.

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    LMAO. Yeah, Cyberarmy really is the pits. I got to Lt. Kernel a long time ago, but lost interest after the (frequent) total resets and the moronic clientele.
    [HvC]Terr: L33T Technical Proficiency

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    Terr... Same here but they lost my accout. hehehe I started the zebulun again like 2 months ago. I shot to Captain in 2 hours and never went back.... Back a year ago I was also an Lt. K and I was the head of Ready Response subdivision 8 under direct command of Wang...

    Keepen it real

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    beware, he might have your IP!!

    lol, thats great stuff

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    Wink hmmm

    first post in a while lol need it to get into that private forum dam u JP

    yeh cyberarmy is quite lame i got to section 3 know what to do but guess what no mac support what i was doing it on at the time so i sought ajust gavew up lol did their good
    ohh well more posts needed cya ppl
    and cyberarmy =lame
    friend of mine
    zaleth got booted and banned for deleting their whole forum lol
    well ill cya later

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