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Thread: vb6 help

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    Question vb6 help

    i recently have gotten my eye on vb6... not having much visual basic experience. i decided to go to best buy and buy a few books on visual basics.... to my surprise they had nothing at all. not any programming books programs nothing, when asked they said they havent had anything in over 6 months.... Well my question is, if Best Buy dont have it.. where can i buy some books on begining vb....... thanx
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    Just get some online-made ones. There are tons out there that are not copyrighted (and tons that are) readily available. Do a search on google for vb6 tutorial or something. Also, you can easily buy stuff online if you want to at like amazon and barnes & noble.

    BTW: It's Visual Basic, not Visual Basics.

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    jehnx is right! there's plenty online. black sun has quite a few, i think their, im not sure, also, you need to register at informit, but its a pretty good site. search kazaa for books

    if theirs any computer shows in your area they usually have discount book dealers. they sell them real cheap, 3 - 15 dollars.
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