Hello All,
would just like to start by stating that this, I have never tried nor completed the task of doing anything to my school computers.
But just recently I was called into the Assistant Principal's Office. Not knowing what I had done, I was under complete shock. He accused me of "hacking into" and "deleteing the start-up files necessary for windoze". And I am now paying restitution for the Sys-Administrator to "fix" the problem. I have to PAY 30$ per hour for his services to a total of (4) four different computers. And it will supposedly take him (2) two hours per computer to "fix" them. And since they tied it to vandalism I was suspended from school for (5) days.
Now my question is,

"Is it ethical to retaliate to this rude accusation by putting a wurm on the school network that duplicates itself over the network folders and fills all the fixed drives? In the end it should, if it works properly, f**k their Novell computers out the window."

I have read some "hacker codes" and people are apparently against attacks like this, but this is under extreme strain.