Pimpshiz, the hacker who rose to notoriety in 2000 during a pro-Napster defacement spree, has gone straight. Although his case is still pending in the US judicial system, Robert Lyttle, as he is now known, is trying to make a break as a security expert.
With a string of website defacements under his belt including military, FBI, and Nasa sites, Lyttle has started up a security company, Sub-Seven Software. He believes that the security industry could do with a word of advice from the dark side of the hat.

"Only a hacker can defeat a hacker. The threat of digital malice seems only to grow. Reports show that, even when new security measures are deployed, computer crimes do not decrease; often they increase," he said.


PS: hmm u guys should read this.. unless your easily intimitated by pathetic people such as Pimpshiz and this article...