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Thread: Whats the worst thing someone asked you to do?

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    Question Whats the worst thing someone asked you to do?

    Whats the worst thing anyone has ever askjed you to do..... Either on AO at home or at work....
    For me that woud be all my friends asking me... Can you hack so an so on Hotmail for me ??????
    It gets annoying the 250th time you say it

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    I was once asked to kill someone (for real).
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    Exclamation No!!!!!!!!!!! I won't LOL

    I always hate the "Someone got into my girlfreinds computer and got her password, can you help me get in so I can find out whats going on?".

    In reality what they want to say is "My girlfreind is cheating on me because I'm a loser. How can I screw up her computer while I find out who it is."

    This bugs the crap out of me. I get this on the web, email and beleive it or not they actualy call me and ask how much I would charge them to do this. They need to get a life.
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