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Thread: The Death Penalty

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    I'm against death penalty 100% i don't think nobody has the right to choose if he deserves to die or not or even less any goverment that's too much power in the hands of any human
    like if you killed somebody in selfdefense is a pity but is not your fault .
    but if you kill somebody cold hearted like most pro death goverments then does are criminals and they are not better than the one they are killing
    thats my opinion of course

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    I guess we can agree to disagree

    The reason why we have the death penalty is to discourage capitol crimes. The punishment should fit the crime. If someone raped and killed one of my nieces ..I damn well would want the death penalty to be considered. Poeple with those kind of natures do not fear prison...thats a picnic for them. They fear only..the unknown. I say caste them there when the crime is deserving. Great care should be given to the justice process however to avoid wrongful prosecution...I know my european friends will TOTALY disagree however.
    They consider such punishment to be "barbaric". In the present political dilema we are in here in America(I.E terror) most of us want the murderers executed.....its hard to reason objectivily with us about it

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    I'm for the death penalty.
    Being the son of a police officer shot in the line of duty, it makes me sick to think that in this society someone could let those that killed my dad get away with it.

    Sometimes you just cant wait for mother nature to control this kind of person. You just need to pump a little chlorine in the pool of life.

    Sorry to my left-winged freinds, wait, I don't have any. Nevermind.
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    i am totally against the death penalty. my opinion has pretty much been expressed in previous posts so i'll try something different. heres a metallica song all about the death penalty.

    Ride The Lightning

    Guilty as charged
    But damn it, it ain't right
    There is someone else controlling me
    Death in the air
    Strapped in the electric chair
    This can't be happening to me
    Who made you God to say
    "I'll take your life from you!"


    Flash before my eyes
    Now it's time to die
    Burning in my brain
    I can feel the flames

    Wait for the sign
    To flick the switch of death
    It's the beginning of the end
    Sweat, chilling cold
    As I watch death unfold
    Consciousness my only friend
    My fingers grip with fear
    What I am doing here?


    Someone help me
    Oh please God help me
    They are trying to take it all away
    I don't want to die
    Time moving slowly
    The minutes seem like hours
    The final curtain call I see
    How true is this?
    Just get it over with
    If this is true, just let it be
    Wakened by the horrid cream
    Freed from the frightening dream

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    For those that think it's stupid to quote themes from LotR, I'm warning you to stop reading this.

    One of the themes present is the idea of "becoming the new dark lord", basically, if we want to win at all costs, have we really won, or have we just become the next "dark lord". That's one of the reasons why war continues and probably always will continue. In order to prevail in a war, you're always going to have to "lower yourself" to the level of your enemy in order to win. If you do not, you'll never have victory. However, if you don't "lower yourself" to the level of your enemy, then you are conquered, and your society is taken over by the society of the conquerer. It's quite a nasty little paradox.

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    Re: The Death Penalty

    Originally posted by Remote_Access_
    This topic was originaly Conf1rm3d_K1ll's idea.

    Well, here it is. I waited for you to post on the subject but you never did. Conf1rm3d_K1ll had a good statement:

    And what if you did? It wouldn't be excusible.
    Where would the justice be in the loss of an innocent life?


    Thanks for starting it RA. I'd spent 18 hour online when I made the suggestion but just couldn't stay awake to start the thread! LOL..As the saying goes- "you snooze you lose"!!

    Although I'm strongly against the Death Penalty I'm not going to write some huge thread as I'd just be repeating what most people have said already....Just a few quick points...

    NO ONE has the right to take someone elses' life. NO ONE. Sure, some people waive their right to live amongst normal society after comitting horrendous crimes but IMHO killing criminals lowers us to their level. It's just barbaric. A quick search at Google will show the dozens of executions that have gone horribly wrong....

    Another quick point- the US Justice System is not flawless and innocent people do get arressted. As previously stated, what if just one innoccent person is executed? It's inexcusable...

    It's strange to accept how the majority of US Poloticians are so strongly "pro life" and "anti abortion" yet they'll kill with lethal injection or electricity (which is considered "cruel and unusual punishment" under international law) at the drop of a hat...

    Anyway, I'm starting to rave...thanks again RA..

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    Hmmmm... Metallica-lyrics to prove someone's point... Hehe...what's next?

    Originally posted by Ramzi
    When scrutonizing the beliefs that you've developed to make sure you still feel as if they are still right in your eyes, sometimes you need to take things to extreme. Kill a murderer? No. Well, how about killing Osama bin Laden? Extremes may affect what you believe.
    And what exactly is a 'murderer' in your opinion? Believe it or not, but bin Laden DID NOT fly those planes into the Towers... (after all, bin Laden is still alive... ). He obviously was the cause, yes...
    I'm not going to start a USA-The Rest of The World-discussion here, but the American government has always supported Sharon , more reading here . My question: what's the difference? Kill bin Laden? Sure, but that would also mean killing Bush (twice, at least...the man has murdered a lot more people), Sharon (ohhh...kill him at least 25 times...)...

    To all of you who don't agree with this point of view: remember what you said about the 'animals are worth as much as humans'-question

    Originally posted by Antihaxor
    The punishment should fit the crime. If someone raped and killed one of my nieces ..I damn well would want the death penalty to be considered.
    If someone raped and killed one of your nieces...shouldn't that person be raped and killed too? I mean, 'the punishment should fit the crime...' That's a sick argument imo, creating an endless circle...

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    lol well being in the service of the govt for quite some time.. yeah i do agree with death penalty.. but then only in cases where the person IS a threat to the society... like Osama Bin Laden.. or any terrorists or even psycho killers who have taken many lives that even his own life isnt enough to pay for what he's due..

    Some ppl really deserve to die and punished.. but like i said.. death penalty should be reserved only for those who are in worse cases..

    If the person can be rehabilitated.. then why not.. let him/her have a second chance...

    But if a person has commited a really serious and evil crime then he/she is bound to die either by someone else's hand or by the govt's death penalty.. atleast the death penalty has more dignity than being killed and thrown in the gutter by some d00d who wants to get his revenge on you...

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    Thumbs down

    I'm against the death penalty. I worked in the TN Dept. of Corrections for 10 1/2 years. I have seen men on death row go free after new evidence was found that proved there inocence. It would be just plain wrong to execute someone never knowing if they are guilty or not. I don't feel it's our right to determine if someone lives or dies. If our justice system was better I would reconsider. In states like mine, there are people on death row that had been sentenced under old laws years ago. Under some of these laws, you did'nt even have to commit murder. Just to have a participation in or gained knowledge of. They would get the death penalty. Even in some rape cases that did'nt even involve murder. TN's death penaty was abolished in 1969 and then reinstated in 1999. So my point is. The "Death Penalty" right or wrong. Should not bu used until the justice system is fixed. It works on who has (Money) and who has not. From ineffective council. To the worst of all. The the jury. We are only human and we were not at the crime. All we hear is what we are allowed to hear on a jury. There is always two sides to every story. Like I said, we are only human, we make mistakes. I could not live with myself if I was on a jury and sent someone to the chair then later to find they had been innocent.

    As for my choice: Leathal injection. I have saw electrocutions and they are brutal. TN now has the choice of the chair or an injection.
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    Originally posted by Negative
    My question: what's the difference? Kill bin Laden? Sure, but that would also mean killing Bush (twice, at least...the man has murdered a lot more people), Sharon (ohhh...kill him at least 25 times...)...
    we all had 3 minutes of silence for the 3000 WTC victims.
    But we never had 27 minutes of silence for the 27000 Africans who die from hunger EACH day.
    So in Africa every day is a 11th september. I have nothing against those 3 minutes of course not. Even in Europe this terror was a big shock, but I only present this in order to show that you need to place things in perspective. Restrictions on market access for the poorest countries is still killing people in 21st century. Is it then justified to kill the United States Trade Representative because he has made the agreements?

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