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    Question Red Hat 7.2

    Hello all: I know that I present more questions than answers, but what the heck being a newbie and all.
    Well here goes: I purchased the book Red Hat Linux 7.2 Bible. tried to install the OS. Errors!!! LOL what should I expect as a newbie? I did change the Bios boot sequence. the problem occurs at the partitioning, win2000 has one large partition, unsure how to continue at this point.
    After reading the many post here and a few other sites about installing RH 7.2 with win2000pro, I have come to the conclussion that I need to start anew/or purchase the Partition Magic program, (easiest newbie solution).
    Am I correct or will fdisk do the job for me? without reinstalling win2000?
    As always, thanks JIFFYPROGASM
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    I still think that resizing an existing partition is wierd,
    but you'll find a program on the linux cd called FIPS.EXE
    It runs under dos and (they say) it will resize existing
    partinion(s) to allow you to install linux without wiping
    out and reinstalling your existing OS.
    Otherwise obtain partition magic or some other
    commercial program.
    My preference is to start fresh and reinstall windows.
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    I had a similar problem with Win98. I struggled for sometime, and then reverted to using a Winnt and SuSe dual boot. I am suprised that Win2k didn't accomodate, as it's "built on NT Technology" (not something I would want to advertise!).

    In the end I used Winnt with a boot (LILO) floppy to enable SuSE to boot. Not an eligant solution but it works.

    On the Lx subject, I'm a bit fed up with the lack of SuSE source files for such tools as dsniff and Ettercap. Thinking of switching to redhat or mandrake. Anyone got any experience either, that they would care to share? Or anyone know where I can get, which works with SuSE?

    Sorry Mod if this is covered somewhere else!


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    What file system are you using for Win2K? I am not sure if FIPS will work with NTFS. I know it does for fat16 and I am pretty sure it does for fat32. If you are using NTFS for you Win2K file system, I would recomend buying Partion Magic. I only wish it supported ext3fs....
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    What kind of errors are you getting? I'm having problems installing from the Bible CD too and I'm by no means a newbie to installing RedHat (though this is the first time I'm trying a dual boot with XP/2k).

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