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Thread: DHTML Forums/Threads?

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    DHTML Forums/Threads?

    Yup, Dynamic HTML. I'm not sure how this will effect the loading of AO but it would make the forums look better than all of the + and - signs. Example: Instead of haveing to click the +/- signs you can simply move your mouse over the selected forum and the subcategories will be listed. After moveing the mouse pointer off the selected category, the forums return to being contracted. Just a suggestion.


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    A question !

    Dynamic HTML would maybe be a nice touch. But would it not effect the choice of browser?

    I'm far from an expert in HTML coding but I know that it's several issues to think on when do ordinary HTML coding and would it not be harder and less compatible with different browsers when using DHTML?

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    Re: Question

    "..But would it not effect the choice of browser? "
    - Yes but so dose a few of the other site options.
    I'm not sure what browser or what version it requires but most people should be able to view DHTML.. and for those who can't, you need to update your browser anyway.

    "...would it not be harder and less compatible with different browsers when using DHTML?"
    - It shouldn't be harder nor less compatible with different browser but if it is try updating your browser.


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    /me is against DHTML... AO is slow enough already (although it has got better now). Loading DHTML menus takes a bit of an infinity... Hate to wait for them while other of the page is loaded already.

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    Greetings All:

    We use SOME dhtml on features like "expand, collapse posts & forums". But other than things like that, I don't see us heading down that road. My goal is to make AntiOnline compatible with as many different browsers as possible.

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