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Thread: AO IRC server

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    AO IRC server

    I just recently went on AO's irc server to see what the server was like and i found a group of nice people chattin and helping each other with questions. I feel that the AO irc server is not used by enough people for as great as a thing as it it.

    If you dont understand IRC or never used it before there are tons of ways to start learning how to be a part of (In my opinion) the best chat program there is.

    Wanna access AO's internet relay chat from ur browser? go here -> *this is probly the best thing to use if u are new to this and never used IRC before*

    wanna use a client for windows to go on it ? go to and download mIRC

    usin a mac OS ? download ircle for the mac OS u run

    for linux use bitchX or sumthin , most linux users know and already have a irc client

    Now that u have the client and are ready just fill out the needed information in mirc and type
    /server 6667 in the status window to connect to the server

    and u will automaticly be directed to #antionline

    now basic commands are easy to know after u rember them

    type in a channel (chatroom) and hit enter to have ur msg put into the room (basic enough)

    /part #room - to leave the channel (example-> /part #antionline)

    /join #room - to join a channel (example-> /join #antionline)

    /msg NickName - to private message a person so no one can see it but them (example-> /msg MsMittens Hey pretty woman , wanna wax my modem?)

    /me Actions - this is like a basic command, almost one of the most used commands next to talkin itself, most people like to show thier emotions with this command but it is suggested that u dont use it to much or u may annoy people who dont wish to hear ur emotions (example /me gives MsMittens a bear hug *

    /ping nick/#room - sends a ping command to a person or channel to see the ammount of lag between u and the other person (example /ping #antionline) *replys will be in ur status window*

    /ignore NICKNAME! (this is the ignore command for most irc client if not all, it can do everything from ignore EVERYONE at once, to ignore certine things, for you newbies to IRC i suggest just typeing /ignore NICKNAME to ignore someone who is buggin u that u dont wish 2 hear anymore)

    /quit The Message You Wish To Quit With (this is like a goodbye chance for you, u can type /quit anything to make it so that u dissconnect from the server with the message u wish to leave) example "/quit I have to go BBL"

    /ctcp #channel COMMAND - this is a ctcp command , there are such ctcp commands as PING , VERSION , FINGER , and many others (example /ctcp #antionline VERSION) *version check the IRC client the person is usin*

    well guys thats basicly all u need to know to start usin a IRC client and to join another part of the Anti Online community.

    Thats for reading this and i hope to see you all soon in #antionline

    [shadow]i have a herd of 1337 sheep[/shadow]
    Worth should be judged on quality... Not apperance... Anyone can sell you **** inside a pretty box.. The only real gift then is the box..

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    AO irc is generaly friendly but like all computer security channels and servers you get the so called 1337 hotmail and yahoo wannbee hackers who are too buisy dealing with the fact that the school slut won't even do them to ever do any real harm.
    Alternate realities celebrate reality. If you cant handle the reality your in, then you wont be able to handle the one your attempting to escape to.

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    We are nice people, sometimes. If you ask a computer question, dont be surprised if everyone tries to help. During the day there are always around 30 people here and the conversation often drifts off of the subject of computers, but its still fun. Actually it is better than posting a lot of the time. btw, if you are new to chat we have rules.

    1. Don't f@ck with ThePreacher!!
    other than this there are no rules, have a good time.
    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    I sure miss chatting with will be awhile before I dare go around my admin's new adjustments....he wants me to spend more time working on our network during working hours..imagine THAT. I actually have to earn my pay he says!

    ROTFLMAO.....I will be back as soon as I build the systems he wants me to complete..he will then restore my full admin access.

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