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Thread: Modern day physics wrong?

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    Modern day physics wrong?

    Hey there!
    I've just been searching around and came across this intresting site.
    According to this site, Einstein and the physics laws we know today, could be wrong. If this so called autodynamics is right, then the post about sound going through worm holes, and creating gravity could be solved by autodynamics.
    Very intresting read.
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    Actually, I've heard that comment before. I think I first saw it in the book The Elegant Universe - Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene. We have to remember that Eistein created his theory without much of the modern equipment (such as speedy computers) to do it with. It is a theory rather than a law. Which means that it is subject to time and creation. As new theories come forward, previous theories may be altered with it.

    For those interestined, I've heard that the book - e=mc2: A biography of the most famous equation - is quite good.
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