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Thread: I am a Fool.

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    Post I am a Fool.

    I am a fool. I realized this today as I was at work. So am I a computer professional somewhere? Of course not, that would be too easy. No, I work at wal-mart. I was out on the sales floor when a man walked up to me to ask a question. It just so happens he needed help with his computer. He held up an inexpensive telephone jack connector and asked me "Is this all I need to connect to the internet?" I stared at the thing for a second then asked "Do you have a modem?" to which he gave me the blankest stare I have ever witnessed. Finally he replied "This is my first computer ever, and I just want to get on the internet, do I need this?" I then asked if he had telephone cord plug-ins on the back of the computer, to which I recieved the second blankest stare I have ever seen. Finally, I guess he became agitated with me and asked to speak to someone who knew what they were doing. I took him to the person who works in electronics and walked away and later, while he was at the electronics counter talking to his wife he referred to me as "some fool", according to the person who works in electronics. So, I came to the realization that I am a fool, I couldnt help a non-computer using person with their computer problems.
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    You know, I had always heard about customers like that but believed it to be a myth. Kudos to you for trying to explain it to him.
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    haha trust me.. i get shits like that when i worked in the Desktop Support.. "hello, Mr. Desktop Support? My computer is ****ed.." "Ummm whats wrong with it?" "i dunno.. its ****ed"

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    dont worry....

    it only gets worse!!

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    Huh.....Plug thingie Whats that ???

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    my question is this....
    "How could such a ****-for-brains customer even figure out how to buy a 'puter?"
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    Talking Clutz

    Don't feel bad. I had an employee of one of the companys we contract with ask me if I would look at his puter. Mind you this is a person that works behind a work station 5 days a week. I told him sure, bring it in and when I come back by the next week to dump the server logs I'll take a look. Well, he brings it in. It's an old work station he bought at a discount when his company upgraded to new machines and Winblows 2000. It was an PII 350, with NT SP6 and an Intel 10/00 Nic. No modem. He told me he had AOL and installed it on the machine. Hmmmm! First problem. He said he could'nt connect. So I connected it to the network. All's fine. While doing this I notice sticky residue around the RJ45 jack on the card. I asked him what it was. He said, "oh I had to tape the phone line in to keep it from falling out".
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    I have come to learn, if you don't work in that department and someone asks you a question concerning something in that department, the best thing to do is shrug your shoulders and point them in the direction of someone who can help (or take the blame, whichever).

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    jesus, i get some real dumb ****s phoning where i work.

    most of them are aboslutly useless. some get really shitty when you say: click your start button

    reply: WHAT THE ****ING **** ARE YOU ****ING TALKING ABOUT?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    you: useless peice of ****.... *click*

    reply: hello?!

    they phone back 3 hours later: hello, my windows is messed up
    you: that's not my problem *click*

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    It gets worse.
    Customer in electronics store picks up modem
    from shelf and goes to checkout.
    This is all I need to get on the internet, right?"
    "Yeah, you install it in your computer"
    "I need a computer??!!"
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