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Thread: Microsoft and Ethical Business Practices

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    Post Microsoft and Ethical Business Practices

    "A forum dealing with philosophy, ethics, morals, laws, logical & mathematical problems, etc."

    I looked at the definition of the thread, and assumed that this would be a perfect place to discuss ethical business practices and Microsoft, especially since they have had many recent legal troubles. I dont want this to be a straight Microsoft bash, I want people who side with MS to respond too. Whats my view? My e-mail address speaks for itself.

    Wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things.
    --Ecclesiastes 10:19

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    LMAO Im not really a Micro$oft fan... But I do use it... I use Win2k Pro......
    Dont worry... I didnt pay for it

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    hmm well i have a winux box.. in it is Win98, Win2K Pro, Win2K Adv Server and RedHat...

    well being in the IT industry.. i was trained to master various windows O/S and i kindda got used to them.. my favourite Windows O/S would be Win2K Adv Server for couple of reasons..

    And i do also luv using RedHat and i also have tried using Novell (which wasnt that much impressive at all)

    if there is anyone here who wants to use an ermmm Windows OS with a little bug.. use Win2K Advanced Server or even WinXP.. so far da more stable O/S MS ever made..

    Most businesses now use Windows as their OS of choice due to the user friendlyness of it.. You really dont have to love windows.. but just get used to it..

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    LMAO Winux.. I gota remember that one

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    I've heard that Bill Gates never gave any money
    to politicians until after they started the legal
    case against Microsoft.
    Sun Microsystems, and AOL, on the other
    hand were veteran contributors.
    I'd like to see the proof of illegal actions
    committed by MS, but I'd like to know
    who got campaign contributions from Sun et al
    and if these politicians put pressure on the
    Justice Department to go after MS.
    After all this trouble started, Gates,too, started giving
    generously to politicians.
    I came in to the world with nothing. I still have most of it.

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