well.. ive been a senior member for quite sometime and i noticed i havent introduced myself fo the AO community...

Im s0nIc.. from Sydney hehe couple of us are from Sydney too like RiOtEr and Matty_Cross..
hmm im always in AO IRC chat if u ppl are wondering how to contact me.. well juz join da chat..

I am a graduate for Network Management and looking 4ward to take CCNA or MCSE.. and quite interested in Network Security..

well i guess what sums up is that i have the addiction that most great minds have.. and that is the addiction of searching new knowledge...

as a friend of mine once said.. there is no addiction worse than the addiction to knowledge.. to be honest im not even contented on my current level of knowledge and i always get that urge to read something or try something.. i already have read tons of tutorials and as you see i already contributed 4 tutorials in this site which are:

Hardware Conflicts - IRQs and I/O Addresses

Audible Error Code - Power On Self Test

Simple Adult Check Website Hacking

Windows NT SAM Attack

hehe and to be honest i really had a hard time to write these tutorials especially that the recent 3 i just made them in one night and roughly 1 hour... Its hard coz most of my knowledge are stored at the back of my head and they only come out when the situatuion calls for it.. know what i mean? I cant voluntarily recall all what i have learned.. but they do come out when i need them the most...

hmm.. and if anyone wants to know.. no i dont have a gf YET.. though i am seeing someone.. havent establish a stable commitment yet coz i have enjoyed my life as a single person so much that its hard to let go.. i mean im used to mocking around with the gurlz and well its hard...

and ermm yes im a nice guy.. and yes im a goofy person too at thesame time.. u can ask the ppl in AO IRC chat about that bit..

and yeah.. thats preety much about it.. and incase u ppl wanna know more.. well juz chat wid me and check out my profile.. thanks