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Thread: An "idea" for the T-shirts

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    An "idea" for the T-shirts

    I have an idea for the AO T-shirts. How about them having the names of all the top contributing members on them or top antipoint earners?
    We could even have them made with our own personal handle on them.

    What about it JP?

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    Good Idea AntiHaxor, but are you talking about a jersey, or just a T-Shirt. Yeah...there could be a whole rack of selections. LoL, personally out of all the hacker-wear I'd buy, are the ones at They have some funny stuff. But whatever. But how frequent will these shirts be updated...for I'm sure AntiPoints are switching left and right all over the place. It should be like those band-tour-shirts. Where each city is posted, instead, we should have the AntiPoint earners, or most frequent posters.
    Or we could even make a joke. Like: Most Anoying Poster: [WebCarnage]

    Stuff like that. Just for fun. I dunno, any idea's guys?
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    good idea! i like the idea of a t-shirt. what about an AO slogan? besides, what color
    would be best for the shirts?

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    Why purple with yellow lettering.. ... perfect colours... the ideas for what goes on sounds like fun.. heck, we could have a most annoying questions t-shirt "How do I hack Hotmail?" "What's TCP/IP?" "How do I hack?" "I wanna be 31337!!".. hehe..
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    Re: Idea

    Good idea.
    I'd like the AO shirts to be black and white. The shirt being black with white letters.
    The AO logo on the front and all the senior members listed on the back.. Well, the most active ones any way. Just a suggestion.


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    For some reason I got an image of a football shirt kinda thing with the logo at the front and then you could print your name on the back, hehe!

    Sounds fun to me!

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