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Thread: Find a person via Internet

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    Find a person via Internet

    It's not even arguable that internet has become a part of our everyday life(computers also in that case) Info on a person can be found in many places- bank(tax) accounts, e-mail, personal sites, different places that you register yourself online etc etc.
    My question is how can a person be found having a name plus a little personal information.
    I have a particular peson from Costa-Rica that I'm tryin' to find. Perhaps some members are from around there and can provide me with useful links and information

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    that is a piece of cake ma friend.. there are LOTS of ways..

    one way is by using the white pages.. then use e-mail profiles.. then find out what websites da person signed on and see if u can check da profile.. its dat easy..

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    arent u a bit of a stalker ey s0nIc? hehehe

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    s0nIc Originally said:
    that is a piece of cake ma friend.. there are LOTS of ways..
    Maybe, there are whitepages for US, Canada, plus some South and Central America, I've looked in them, but no Costa-Rica<*sigh*> Could you tell me how to search for e-mail profiles?

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