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    Talking Download Movies

    What is the best way too download Movies?

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    hmmmm, well it depends on what youre trying to download from, you can try morpheous / kazaa (i think they both have movies, i know morpheous does) but be careful of morpheous coz of a couple of nasty bugs in them. check out the forums for more details on this if u want to.

    you could also try using a download manager such as go-zilla ( so that you can resume your download if the site supports that, ive found it to be quite useful as it also finds the fastest download for you.

    hope this is of some help for you

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    FTP (file transfer protocol) is another way of download movies - or just about anything.

    You can get a good (basic but free) ftp program here

    You can get the lists of server addresses from many IRC servers - FDF NET is a good one -

    check out the 'warez' sites there.

    Only drawback is you sometimes have to go bouncing in folders to find what you want.

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