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Thread: Rpm?!

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    i will ask some stupid question here but what the heck?!

    does anybody here know how to decompile the *.rpm file
    i mean to torn apart to binary file so that i could modify it.
    i want to modify some gnome applications in order to run
    the applications. my glibs is not supported by the older
    versions, but if i downgrade my glibs much of my applications
    would not run.
    is there a possibility!~

    thanks people!
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    Hrmm... I've never heard of decompiling an rpm but if you ask Mr. Google he might be able to tell you. What I can suggest is look for the same RPM as the one you downloaded but with the letters "src". That indicates source code and that you can rip apart to your heart's content.

    Hope that helps.
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    Why couldn't you install the package and then make the modifications?
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    rpm's! arn't we talking open source here. why not just get the souce and make the changes you want to the code the just run the make? maybe im wrong about this, not knowing all the ins and outs of linux.
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