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Thread: Windows security!

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    I am a cracker

    Post Windows security!

    Here's how to disable NETBIOS over TCP/IP (and close the ports)

    1.Make sure you've disabled File and Print sharing.
    2. Click the start menu and choose settings, Control Panel.
    3. Double-click the Network icon.
    4.Click the Configuration tab.
    5.Under the heading of "The following network componets are installed" double-click TCP/IP
    6.Click the bindings tab.
    7.If it is checked, click the box to UN-check "Client for Microsoft Networks".
    8.If it is checked, click the box to UN-check "File and Print sharing for microsoft networks".
    9. click okay
    10. A box titled "Network" will appear click NO.
    11. Repeat this procedure for multiple TCP/IP listings (all of them)
    12.Click the OK button in the network control panel.
    13.A prompt box will appear asking you to restart your computer.
    14. Click yes to restart your computer for the new settings take effect

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    Talking hint

    *hint: windows has shity security, get a *nix sys*

    -Guerrilla Se7en

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    What security???

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