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    Can anyone please tell me what the differance between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Proffesional Edition? Or can anyone recommend buying a different Operating System.

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    well there I am... I'm sure most of us can (and will) recommend other operating systems... with a generall linux tilt.

    My recommendations would be FreeBSD, and SuSE linux. If you'r accustomed to windows and dont wanna change, go to Win2k Pro, as much as I like my shell 2K really isnt that bad.

    as far as the differences, it appears that XP home addition is less network savvy. XP pro looks like it's be Kerberized (kerberos support is added) along with a few other new featires.

    more can be found at the following two links --

    xp home edition

    xp pro edition

    Hope that helps you, as well as others... although I would highly recommend FreeBSD or SuSE he he

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