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Thread: playing games over my network????

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    playing games over my network???

    I am going to get an old computer and a linksys router. I will hook up the computer i already have and the (new/old) one i am getting to the router and from there to my cable modem. Will i be able to play 1vs1 death match games with the 2 computers and will people from the net be able to join in 1vs1vs1? I do not wanna get a server. heh i realy dont know where to start?? I have never tried to do something like this before.. How will i go about doing this and will most old FPS work with a router without mods??? How about games like doom1 2, quake1 2 3, duke nukem 3d and half life???

    when the time comes to do this i will be running XP on one computer and 2000 on the other..


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    you can do all those, but you'll need to have your network configured properly. If you need any help with this send me a PM.
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    For internal gaming, you'll have to set up your pcs to the router (my suggestion would be putting 'Obtain IP address automatically' in both TCP/IP settings and set the gateway as (default for linksys and dlink routers). Make sure your router has all the information that your ISP gave you as you'll need to enter that in before your machines can get on the net. Next, in the advanced settings of the router, go to the DMZ page and set whatever machine in your network that you want to be seen "outside" the router as the DMZ. This will allow people to connect to your machine (you'll need to get your IP address but off of dynamic IP, I'm not sure...I have a static, always have, always will).

    Hope this helps and like Zepherin said, if you need help, pm or post.
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    If you do not want to set your router up to use one of your machines as a DMZ host, you could always use private IP's, and just connect to a public game server. That way, you are not allowing inbound traffic to your machine.

    But, it depends on exactly what you want to do. If you want to host your own game, you will need a public IP.

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