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Thread: s/w piracy

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    Angry s/w piracy

    As there are a lot of pirated s/w in developing countries, is it a good habit ?

    i had started studying most microsoft products on pirated s/w on those small computer institutes which does not have much money to invest and i reckon only a very few raids for pirated s/w is done on most developing countries.

    in the new era , it is shameful that even bill gates cannot propose a way to eliminate piracy. the security of s/w is to be protecetd

    does anybody think that piracy is similar to hacking... (i don't think so because to pirate, U only need cd writer and cd keys.) but preventing piracy is like securing data from hackers.. any other opinion ???

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    Well, here's an interesting twist to this (and I've run into this myself a few times with students). It seems to be accepted policy or culture, if you will, to pirate MS software. The software giant is "hated" so much and figured to have made so much money, why should we give them more, especially if their software is so lame at times (full of bugs, full of security flaws, etc.)?

    I try to avoid products by MS and prefer to support smaller developers who charge shareware fees (say $5-50USD.. I've paid a few times for products because they were well worth it). I think one of the big reasons why MS doesn't seem to go into developing countries to deal with the issue of privacy is the perception that may occur (Big Corporation beating down on poor nations) as well as the government that rules may be preventing them or claiming they are dealing with the issue.

    It's not a simple go and arrest I think.
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    yes its a fact actually
    i heard a proverb .. it says

    what intel gives, microsoft takes it away

    actually MS makes people compelled to buy their updations. so piracy takes place. in many countries, there are no strict rules to prevent this. Many s/w development companies also uses pirated s/w in their working premises.

    But many a times, the MS products R best suited for small scale business like small shops. I personally prefer sql server over oracle because of its easy to install and work . Many times my Oracle server on NT causes a dumping which made my databse in an unknown state. Also i find it difficult to configure oracle on network than sql server. With VB or VC++ pirated in hand, its more easy and cost effective to develop applications.
    that may be one of the reason MS products are more used for small scale development and they doesn't have enough money to spent on s/w purchase if it is getting for free

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    I think sw piracy exists because it can. If it wasn't so easy - there would be less people doing it. Note - I did not say I agreed with it, but rather it is not hard to do.

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    An old adage for you

    Heres an old adage for the masses.

    For every talented programmer trying to keep software from being pirated there are a 100 crackers with time, talent and tools who are trying to strip the copy protection off.
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    Re: An old adage for you

    Originally posted by zepherin
    Heres an old adage for the masses.

    For every talented programmer trying to keep software from being pirated there are a 100 crackers with time, talent and tools who are trying to strip the copy protection off.
    And another 200 making websites filled with porn ads that link to those exploits.

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    pirated sw r aound to feed the demand of those who cant affort to pay... i m not saying that i m encouraging this... do u see that when there r more ppl using the sw, and bcos of this, the sw has become more popular... remember when PCDOS and MSDOS were competing, MSDOS was free and it spread like wild fire...


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