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    Talking Somuchlove

    A friend of mine found this on a college computer

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    on top

    just wanna keep this up top
    so some of ye will get to have a look

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    How typical, College/school computers are allways loaded with all sorts of crap.

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    Holy it just me or does it seem like the college scene seems to be getting dumber by the day when it comes to computers? Everyone I've talked to that's going to college is dumb as a brick when it comes to simple maintenance and/or virus/etc protection. And these are 'comp sci' students. Job security I say! Oh, can't forget the Visual Basic programmers who come out thinking that VB is object-oriented!

    PS - that's a lot of freaking virii...I've had one virus on my machine quarantined and that was it, but that's just outright fscked up.
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