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Thread: World trade center site

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    Thumbs up World trade center site

    What should they put there?
    I heard they want to put some gaudy spotlights
    shining into the sky.
    I think it should become a cemetery for the poor and homeless.
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    thats a good question. I think they should put the names of everyone that they think died in 9-11 so that they will be there for a long time for everyone to see. But i hope they back it up due to the lameness of some script kiddys it will probly be a target for lame defacements from kids with no respect for anything.

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    Yeah, I've heard about those spot lights that they thought about using. It would be good, but not for ever. Waste of power if you keep very powerful bright lights there forever. I think some sort of memorial or something should be put there - like a statue of maybe the buildings or some fire-fighters/police...something along those lines. Maybe a board of somesort with victim's names.

    But whatever they end up doing, I'm sure they'll come up with something that will be very suitable for the tragedy that happened.

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    I think they should have it set up like they do with the USS Arizona at Pearl Harbor. It's a gravesite and is respected as such. Countless people lost their lives that day and some kind of memorial should be set up. You can't bring back something like the WTC towers, especially considering thousands died in the same spot/area.
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    I think a garden of some type would be right, with a stone memorial with the names of those who died - lest we forget.

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    here's the latest from the NY grapevine.......

    there is a memorial going up, they are just working on the details.

    but, in true NY $$ fashion, another bldg development is going up as well. the reasoning involved here is, NYC is still the financial capitol of the world. too much $$ will be lost in not developing there. plus you have the added "you can't beat us attitude" attitude.

    the latest rumor is, 4 50-60 floor bldgs w/a nick name of "the quads". sounds weak to me. but i'm sure whoever wins the contract will pay some advertising company rediculous amounts of money to take care of the branding. welcome to big business!!

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