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Thread: POLL:What programming language would you like to see.

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    Exclamation POLL:What programming language would you like to see.

    Yeah I thought I would be a snatch cricket and ask this since there are new members at AO and some of the old veterans have left. I was thinking about the programing tutorials for the newsletter and was curious to see peoples views on what language they would like to see.

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    Fastest Thing Alive s0nIc's Avatar
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    Sep 2001


    I wanna see a C++ tutorial coz im gettin frustrated with the tutorial i have right now..

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    Jul 2001

    Poll does not allow enough choices

    I would like to see Perl, C/C++ and Java.

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    PHP/PostgreSQL guy
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    Dec 2001
    Well, I voted for perl because it's a widely used, fairly easy language to pick up and throw into use. I'm also trying to get a small tutorial for perl for everyday use written for MsMittens (crack the whip baby!) so that it might make the next one. That is, if I get this thing called time off, hehe...

    /me loves perl...has been using it since pre 5.0 release.
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    PERL rocks

    so easy yet so powerfull ! !
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    I would like to do a COBOL tutorial since not that many people use it and know anything about it. Also somthing like 70% of insurance companys still use it on there mainframes also since this is a prehistoric language and all the hippys are starting to retire or die they are leaving a opening for COBOL programmers. I would have to admit it's kinda hard to learn but once you pick it up it's pretty fun.

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    What ever you do, please make it useful. we can go any where and learn "hello world".

    Please include writing to (like saving information), and reading from a file(like a list of ports or ip addresses or phone numbers). if possible any network code thats feasible (like how to implement WinSock).

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    i would like to see assembly right from basics..because i really want to learn this language..but could not get source... some real books on assemble for newbies...
    and the other language...will be C and C++...

    if anybody have e-books for newbies or dummies...on assembly...pls mail me on i will be very thankful to u...


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    Thumbs up

    Come on, you can learn C++ anywhere, but to get a really good and handy tutorial on Perl is harder to find!!!

    Just in case, how about shell scripting, I know is not actually a language, but damn is useful!!
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    How about the lost art of Pascal?

    Sorry I know it's lame, but it was so nice to look at.

    PERL is a good start, I guess.
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