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Thread: Get a load of this: (national ID card)

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    Post Get a load of this: (national ID card)

    Somehow I came across this link:

    which talks about the upcoming possibilities towards a national ID card.

    My opinion on this is that there are way too many vulnerabilities in the market for them to try to put everyone 'under one umbrella'. Just imagine, everything that makes you 'you' stored in *one* database. Doesn't that make it a prime target for just about every kind of attack from brute-forcing, buffer overflows, and DDoS? Not even that, I just don't like the whole 'one card' theory. Invasion of privacy is at stake (I think) with a bunch of people up on the hill trying to get it passed under the guise of the 'Sept. 11 attacks'.

    Moral of the story: I don't agree with it, I won't support it, and I'll tell anyone who asks...

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    Man thats scarry. . . . Reminds me of the book 1984. . . .

    Big Brother is watching you! ! ! !
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    That's a dumb idea if I ever did hear one.
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    Question excuse my ignorance

    Functionally, how is this going to be any different than my S.S. card or passport?
    Both are "national id cards" in nature, albeit that they grant me specific priviledges.
    One being the right to work and pay taxes and the other to travel beyond our borders.
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    I think we've discussed a lot of this before on this forum.
    In principle it sounds like a good idea, but a lot of us know how vulnerable certain databases are to external attack (and we are not talking about buffer overflows/brute force attacks here). Speaking from a European perspective, some parts of Europe have a national ID card, and some don't. For example, public opinion here in the UK is strongly opposed to a national ID card, quite rightly IMHO.

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    If you don’t like this, why don’t you do something about it.

    Follow the link below to find your Representative and her/his email address:

    Topic: Federal Standardized Drivers License.

    I do not want my Driver License to be , in any way shape or form, a Federal I.D.

    I say no to any form of Federal I.D.

    I think its a great idea

    Or tell them what you want to see happen.
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    Re: Get a load of this: (national ID card)

    Originally posted by Vorlin
    Somehow I came across this link:
    Invasion of privacy is at stake (I think) with a bunch of people up on the hill trying to get it passed under the guise of the 'Sept. 11 attacks'.

    Moral of the story: I don't agree with it, I won't support it, and I'll tell anyone who asks...

    You bet privacy is at stake! It appears whatever The US Government (and corprate America) doesn't agree with or have had trouble controlling in the past will get a "terrorist" label to win the hearts of the people and than they can do whatever they damn well please. What about Microsofts' claim that WareZ is how terrorists finance their activites? Warez is free! If terrorists financed themselves with a free resource such as WareZ there would be a lot less terrorism!

    Anyway, I'm going slightly off topic.

    IMHO the national ID card is a simple way of classifying people as if they were un sent memo's! You go in that pigeon hole, you'll go over there....and so on and so on....That's just scratching the tip of the iceberg though. You can find a more detailed insight into why the NID card is an introduction into high tech slavery HERE...

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    Well, instead of using passport, SS# and driver's license, to use one ID sounds good, but hey, I don't want credit cards and paychecks mix in the enchilada!!!!
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    Cool national ID card........................

    For those that thought it was ok to volunteer all that 'demographic' information on the census, a national ID card probably doesn't sound all that bad. The fact is, the Constitution ONLY calls for an ENUMERATION of the people. Count noses, count legs and divide by two, but no other information is required. The government has absolutely no right to my personal information. I have (unfortunately) volunteered the same because of the work I have done. That doesn't mean I want them to have instant access from a card reader in a 7-11 or a supermarket or a liquor store. If the card becomes the defacto ID for E-transactions, your entire purchase history becomes more data in a database. With tera-byte (sp?) storage available, and search engines powerful and fuzzy, all that is necessary is a quick query and voila, the Government or the "wired bad guys" (can't quite figure who would be worse) would have a complete dump of who, where, and what you are and do.

    National ID cards or federalized "state" drivers licenses are counter to liberty. If you believe, as I do, that this is true, then it behooves us all to flood our congressmen with email, mail, faxes, and phone calls to that effect.

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    Hey, why all that panic?

    Here in Belgium we all (all people > 12 year) have an Identity Card
    On the card is a number called 'Rijksregisternummer' or 'Stateregistrynumber' with this numbe they can track you down: age, gender, location, social status, birth date, birth place, parents names, criminal status.

    No 1 here does have complains against this... is this a privacy violation... perhaps.
    My dad works as a computer analyst at the company that runs the mainframes holding the archive with everyone's info and yes there are some risks about privacy, but there are also many benefits.

    About security: they use their own telecommunicationlines to communicate (encrypted) between governement, police, ministry of defense and the mainframes. So no1 can snif on those lines except when they dig a hole in the ground, search for the cable and pretend to be a reciever but this is not an easy task to do.

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