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Thread: Another site Suggestion.

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    Another site Suggestion.

    A suggestion for a new feature at AO.

    • A vote function for the forum "The Tutorials Forum" (moderated?).
    • A new file area: "Tutorials by AO users".

      The idea:
    • The users at AO votes for the tutorials and the best tutorials are saved for the future in the "Tutorials for AO users" filearea. This would make it easier to find good tutorials written by AO users.


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    Great idea!!

    I know I've missed tons of wonderful tutorials because I can't log on AO everyday... plus, I'm too lazy to go back

    I agree, JP should keep a copy of the best tutorials made from members!!
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    True, when you think about it, the first post for a thread in the Tutorials area probably could be moderated, to determine that no plagarism was taking place, and to keep out frivolous off-topic threads.
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    slightly modification...

    In the bottom yellow bar, on the far right is a selection box. click the down arrow and select "the beginning". voila, all the tutorials.

    So, how about just putting the rating (ex: *****, *, etc.) next to the tutorial? Don't know which one is harder for you to implement JP, so I don't particularly care one way or another, just the most convenient.
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    re: ideas about the tutorials area

    The "older" or "previously posted" tutorials can be had and also Negative did an awesome job putting together an index at

    I think moderated would be good ... if there's someone to do it.
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