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Thread: Buying a new computer

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    Talking Buying a new computer

    I am going to buy a new computer a (labtop) Dell 8360 series P3 It comes with windowsXP home edition. I was wondering what would be the best operating system to get money is no object... Thanks for all your help

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    With laptops it's kind of easy.

    What OS should I run?

    Well the simple asnwer is whatever OS supports all the hardware in your laptop. It's not like you have THAT big of a choice. I wouldn't run XP on it, though. (cause I don't think it's ready for primetime, but that's my opinion).

    I'd probably do some research with my spec sheet in hand and see if Linux has drivers for it.....Linux is good. FreeBSD is better but it doesn't support a butt-load of new hardware, so if those don't work out good ol' crappy Win98SE would be great for games.

    What are you looking to do with this laptop?

    And I love the handle.......I am a (fill in the blank). Good one.
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    i don't know a lot about xp home...except for the fact you can't join a domain...the upnp hole etc...

    many here...(and i might just be one of them) that the best os money can buy...doesn't cost anything (cept for an initial increase in tylenol bills while yer rtfm-ing ) used to (altho heard they had stopped) offer preinstalled linux...they still might..

    but ....if you want a win box...i'd suggest getting a dell with win2k can still get them...we just got 6 new optiplexs...course being a corporate user...i don't like untried os-es...i'll wait til xp sp1 at least before i even look at it...i believe that until it's proven...i'll take a properly patched and administered version of win2k over a brand new xp...full of how many holes...who knows...
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